OMEGA PLAST, Ltd. is o the largest Russian manufacturer of modern plastic packaging for cosmetics and household detergents. At the same time, the company is a leader of the Russian market in producing PUMP DISPENSERS of two types: with lock up and lock down mechanisms.

Our modern technological company produces plastic packaging at full cycle for the modern packaging market: bottles and closures are produced in locally, without involving of foreign suppliers of materials and spare parts. Our production plant is situated in Kolomenskiy region near Moscow which allows to promptly addressing the changes and demands of the modern market, not depending on parts supply from China, and making delivery much faster, so to provide our clients with desired products in short time and in necessary volumes.

Our extensive warehouse allows us to put plastic packaging and closures into production in short time using ruble contracts in the country without taking into account exchange rates fluctuations.

After many years of work we created a team of professionals who can start by creating a bottle and its design and then will produce a commercial lot. Our unique manufacturing company has been steadily developing for 15 years and now demonstrates constant growth of production rates and a growing circle of clients, both in Russia and abroad.

In the modern world of plastic packaging developing at a high speed, we have to adapt to current circumstances which are often irresistible and overwhelming in their consequences. COVID 19 pandemic swept across the world and determined new rules in many spheres of life making the well-established supplies from China impossible and, thus, proving right the strategy of OMEGA PLAST, Ltd. to develop the production in the country without foreign suppliers and to offer competitive prices and high quality of products.

OMEGA PLAST, Ltd. provides consistent supplies and it is flexible in technological processes, it has a professional team of managers and marketers and a wide range of economically effective solutions in packaging and closures which grant the company a well deserved leadership among manufacturers of parts in Russian market.

Nowadays OMEGA PLANT, Ltd. possesses a pool of equipment which allows creating and producing both serial and exclusive packaging for cosmetics and household detergents in any required volume.

The production is located in the Ozerskey district of the Moscow
region and is carried out on the basis of the modern
European technologies
The Italian assembly machine is high capacity
(2 items per second), which allows
you to fulfill any range order at the shortest time
The quality of Italian molds and German injection molding machines
allows us to achieve high quality products that are
not inferior to the best European samples
Design and production of exclusive
and individual packaging
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